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A piece of mind that you deserve
  1. Four Facilities
    All within the Uniontown Area, we cover such a wide range of the city. Find the right site for you based on your work or home location.
  2. Flexible Hours
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  3. Quality & Affordable Childcare
    Giving you a piece of mind while your at work at an affordable price that you deserve. We have the most competitive rates and also accept government funding.
The piece of mind that you deserve. 
Choosing a childcare facility could be one of the most important decisions in your life. At Little Kid Zone, we want to help you make the right choice for you and your child. 

Little Kid Zone offers childcare with quality, passion, care, and many learning programs for children and families! For over 20 years, Little Kid Zone has developed a way of life for the children in our care providing them a safe and stimulating environment that has the nurturing feel and sense to put our parents at ease. Furthermore, we constantly reevaluate and upgrade our curriculum as well as our centers to meet the needs of every type of child. 

We offer:

- Compassion and caring to each individual child everyday
- Enthusiastic staff members that will help you in the development of your child
- A fun learning environment
- Plenty of nutritional meals which meet the needs of all children
- A safe playtime experience that is clean and in a stimulating environment
- An educational environment in which every moment your child is learning something new
- Understanding and compassionate staff that will listen and respond to anything on your mind
- And much more    
Whether it's making sure that families have access to quality health care and child care, or making sure that our children receive the best educational opportunities we can give them, we must remain committed to these needs because our children are our future.

Blanche Lincoln